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Literatuur ‘No Matter What’ Groep Hengelo

A4 formaat literatuur

1985 IWHW Review Form (Blue) ENHANCED – Download

Grey Form Step Work Guide 3th draft with covers – Download

Concept vertaling met regelnummers – 3th Ed. Rev. with original 4th & 9th Traditions – Download

Grey Book Reflections – Book 2 Maart 2019 – Download

Living Clean 1991 + Covers – Download

Twelve Traditions in Relationships – Download

A5 formaat literatuur

12 Step Series – Download

1956 Buff Book or Brown Book – Download

One Addicts experience with Group Conscience through the Steps – Download

Home Group – Download

Personal Responsibility – Download

Paths of recovery – Download

Practicing the Principles of our Traditions – Download

Twelve Step Writing Guide – Download

Nieuwe Stijl Informatie Pamfletten - A.S.I.S.

A.S.I.S. for NA – Download

The 5 Tools of Recovery – Download

Total Abstinence – Download

A view of NA Group Conscience  – Download

Commitment – Download

Communication – Download

Concerning Relapse – Download

Cultivating an Atmosphere of Recovery – Download

EGO – Download

Meeting Etiquette – Download

Open Participation – Download

Reservations – Download

We’re not Doctors – Download

Oude Informatie Pamfletten

Am I an Addict – Download

Approach to the 4th Step – Download

For the Newcomer – Download

Just For Today – Download

Living the Program – Download

One Addict’s Experience With Acceptance, Faith, and Commitment – Download

Sponsorship – Download

Triangle of Self-Obsession – Download

Youth and Recovery – Download

The New/Old NA Way - Magazine


Hier zijn de printfiles te downloaden.

Literatuur ‘N.A. Zwolle’ Groep

Nederlandse concept vertalingen IP’s

Alleen voor vandaag – Download

De 5 Tools van Herstel – Download

De Driehoek van Zelfobsessie – Download

De ervaring van een verslaafde met acceptatie, geloof en toewijding – Download

Het Programma Leven – Download

Jeugd en herstel – Download

Sponsorschap – Download

Voor de nieuwkomer – Download

Literatuur ‘Sunday Morning Gratitude’ Groep Sittard

Nederlandse concept vertalingen IP’s

De concept vertalingen zijn open voor review & input:

Totale abstinentie: download

EGO: download

Commitment: download

Zelfacceptatie: download


2nd Edition - Basic Text

3th Edition, Revised with Original 4th & 9th Traditions - Basic Text

Stappenwerk boek (Engels)

Twelve Step Writing Guide: download